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The technical nerve core of contemporary business operations is a data centre. The data centre offers the vital IT infrastructure required to supply resources and services to company personnel, partners, and clients all over the world.

A closet or other practical area may frequently be converted into a usable "data centre" by a small or medium firm with few, if any, adjustments. To handle the space, power, cooling, administration, reliability, and security requirements of the IT infrastructure, a sizable dedicated facility that has been properly built is required due to the sheer scale of business computing.

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The single largest and most expensive asset that the company will own is a data centre facility, both in terms of initial capital expenditure and ongoing operational costs. To guarantee that the final facility fulfils business demands throughout the building's lifespan and changing business circumstances, business and IT leaders must pay particular attention to the challenges involved in data centre design and construction.

We offer solutions that meet the needs of your business, from move-in-ready to custom-built. The facilities are meant to function as a carrier-neutral hub with access to all the main Internet Exchanges, Telcos, and Service Providers (ISPs) (IXs). We contribute to the effective planning, building, and operation of data centres. Additionally, a company may assure acceptable compliance through comprehensive facility resilience, management, and business continuity preparations by adopting and carefully documenting the usage of relevant standards.

AEPL offer a range of services to help businesses and organizations plan, design, and implement data centers that meet their specific needs. Some of the services offered by AEPL include:

Needs assessment: We can help businesses determine their specific data center needs, taking into account factors such as capacity, power and cooling requirements, and budget constraints.

Site selection: We can assist with selecting the optimal location for a data center based on factors such as proximity to power and network infrastructure, local zoning regulations, and disaster recovery considerations.

Design and layout: We can create detailed plans for the layout of a data center, including the placement of servers, networking equipment, and other hardware, as well as the design of power and cooling systems.

Construction management: We can oversee the construction of a data center, ensuring that the building is constructed to the necessary specifications and standards.

Project management: We can manage the entire data center project, from the initial needs assessment through the design and construction phases, to ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget.

Optimization and efficiency: We can help businesses optimize the efficiency of their data centers, including reducing power consumption, improving cooling systems, and maximizing the use of available space.

Overall, AEPL offer a comprehensive set of services that can help businesses build and maintain data centers that meet their specific needs while minimizing costs and maximizing efficiency.

We hold licences and certifications from CIN, GSTIN, IEC, A-CLASS, OHSAS, NSIC, ISO, UDYAM, EPFO, IP-I, MSME, and ESIC.



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